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Hi Hi! Welcome to our home on the web! We're happy you stopped by to visit today! Please make yourself at home and browse around a bit, play a few games, check out a few pictures. Play a round or two of Cat Trivia and learn a few things about cats in the process. We hope there's plenty to entertain you during your visit. If you're here with more serious thoughts, head over to the Links and Resources Directory or read about Maxwell's battle with feline leukemia. Whatever you're looking for, we hope you find it here. And please enjoy your stay.


  Cat Photo Contest

We're offering something new! Kitties, if you've always wanted to be in pictures, now's your chance! We will be hosting an ongoing cat photo contest. Each contest will run for 1 month and the winner for the month will have his or her picture included in our Postcard Center, on a special Winners' Gallery page. Go here to find out more details, to vote, to submit your picture or just to see how the contest is coming along. We're looking forward to seeing your pictures soon! Go vote for your favorite kitty picture now! And if you're not in THIS MONTH'S contest, then get busy and submit your picture for NEXT MONTH's contest!

Important! Yes, we know it's been a couple of years since we've run our photo contest. Life has been sort of weird for us for the past couple of years, with family obligations and losses. We do hope to return to this in a few months.


Our winning photo for July 2003 is Crazy-Mon, an adorable and energetic young kitten.

Send Crazy-Mon's picture as a postcard to your friends.

See this year's winners.


  Photo Gallery

Other new things include our Photo Gallery with more pictures of US! We wanted to include more pictures but not make it take furevfur and evfur to get our pages to load, so we decided to open our furry own photo gallery. And we still have our kitty polls...we just moved them! Go here to find the polls!


  Visit our Postcard Center!

This is one of the pictures from our Cat Postcard Center. (Well, okay, we have some cards of things other than cats, too. But mostly it's cats and kittens.) While you're here, stop by and visit the Postcard Center now with special effects! There are many pages of adorable cat and kitten photos to choose from or you can upload and send your very own picture to a friend. Choose amongst a wide variety of music, poetry, colors, and pictures to make your card unique. And now you have an opportunity to add your kitty's picture to our Postcard Center, by participating in our monthly Cat Photo Contest.


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