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We're very proud of the awards our site has received over the years. We have them proudly displayed here and hope you will enjoy viewing them as well. Some of the awards are pet site oriented, with emphasis on rescue or cats or site design, and others are primarily site design oriented. Nevertheless, all are much appreciated.


  Awards Index
Awards Page 1
Nem5 Web Maggic Cool Site Award
Webmasters Superior Site Award
Twilight's Excellent Site Award
Pooped Puppy Award
Hey You Sir Pet Site Award
Cats are My Life Award
Willow's Cool Cat Award
Steliart Productions Cool Site Award
  Awards Page 2
High Paw Award
Cat Lover's Award
Samson Says this Site is Purr-able!
I Care Award
Bitsy's Fit Fur a Queen Award
Bast Award
Tiff's Showbiz Award
Golden Paw Award
Tony's Beautiful Black Award
Awards Page 3
SPOTTED for Website Excellence
This Site is the Cat's Pajamas
Sue's Furry Family Excellence Award
Something Unique Animal Lovers Award
Lone Star's Star of Excellence
Jewel of the Web Emerald Award
  Awards Page 4
Otakou Creative Design Silver Award
Light of the Web - Torch Award
Silver Spheres Merit Award
Golden Web Award 2000-2001
Pet Connections Outstanding Pet Site 2000
WowWowWow Merit Award
Maestro Award of Excellence - Merit
Awards Page 5
Best of the Web for Mac OS Silver Award
Visions of Adonai Masters Award
Silver Surfer Silver Award
The Critterific Award
Purrfect Site Award
iNet Merit Award
Sinapsis Award for Intellectual Attitude
Cats in the House Design Excellence Award
  Awards Page 6
Critical Mass Award
Monolith Bronze Award
Colleen's COrner - A Site to Behold
Bob's Steel Website Award
BearzWeb 110% Prestige Award
An Arete Wave of a Site Gold Wave Award
42nd Street Bronze Award
Cyberlink Golden Webmaster Award
Awards Page 7
Jetzone 2000 Bronze Award
Harbeson & Associates Merit Award
Auburn Fury Bronze Award of Excellence
Critics Choice Bronze Award
Tritia's Gold Award of Excellence
Beacon Award for Outstanding Websites
Eye-Dentity 5 Stars Award
Oklahoma Web Page Excellence Award
  Awards Page 8
CatsInfo Purrfect Cat Site of Distinction
Visual Xtreme Bronze Award of Excellence
Added Value Award
Pris' PURR-Fect Site Award
Patches' Gold Award - Animal Rescue Site
Peke Avenue Cat Site Award
Petsburgh/Stable Outstanding Site Award
Foxy & Mackenzie's Gold Award for Web Site Excellence
Cosi's Little Miracle Award
Awards Page 9
Tigerpixie Art Studio
HomeGrown Award of Excellence
Home is Where the Heart Is
DandieStar **TopInfo Award


Awards: Index [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

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