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Picture of Chloe

  Hi Hi Hi!

I'm Chloe! I found my OneTrooHome in thuh winter of '98 and I got a whole noo family with it. I haff a sisfur, Callie, although I do mine best to stay away from her. She's not furry friendly. In fact, she's a purrson whut duzzent like cats. And I haff a broffur, Maxwell!! He's wonderful! He plays wif me, and wrestles wif me, and lets me nap wif him. And I haff another broffur, Duncan, who's a terrorist kitty. He chases me allll ovfur thuh house wanting to play but he just plays too rough fur a delicat liddle kitty like me. I grrrrrrrhisssss at him when I see him coming, but that doesn't seem to slow him down at all. <sssigh> And I haff a hoomin mom, too, although I rilly don't like hoomins furry much. All in all, I fink I like my onetroohome. I had anuffer wonderful broffur, Dexter, too, but he left us fur thuh Rainbow Bridge on thuh Fourth of Jooly in 1998. <ssniff>


  My Story

Chloe, the pretty girl Even though I've been an In Kitty for a few years now, I still am not furry comfurtable wif hoomins, even wif mine mom. I've decided thuh rug in front of thuh tub in thuh bathroom is "safe" and I let mom smurgle and skritch me to her and mine hearts' content. I rilly do enjoy skritchies (don't tell anycat but I enjoy it so much I drool!), but not enough to let mom skritchie me anywhere else in thuh house. She's hopeful one day I'll come around. I'm not promising anything but I'll try to learn a little more trust. It's just hard for a kitten raised by a feral mom to furget her early training, yoo know. In thuh meantime, I do know I haff a gud thing going, and I don't even look out thuh door when it opens. I've decided thuh In is a much nicer place than thuh Out, any ole day.

But, nevfur fear, I still hear thuh call of thuh wild. Last winter, we had a family of mousies move into our house. Mom wasn't exactly excited about this. Thuh mousies were smart enough to make their home inna cabinets inna kitchen where we couldn't get to them. But mom figured it out so she cleaned out thuh cabinets and sealed off all routes from "unner thuh cabinets" to "in thuh cabinets". Then she set traps in thuh cabinets just in case she missed a hole and she set traps inna kitchen in front of thuh cabinets. And, inna middle of thuh night, thuh trap inna kitchen caught us a mousie! It did! But it caught it by thuh tayle! Duncan and I hadda funfun time taking turns playing wif Mr. Mousie. Mom heard thuh noise and got up to see whut was going on. She just closed her eyes, groaned, and went back to bed and pulled thuh covers ovfur her ears. But we finally got Mr. Mousie free from his trap and I got him away from Duncan. So I brought him to thuh bedroom and let him go right under mom's bed! She was thrilled! She did a happy dance and hopped and jumped around and moved thuh bedside table when she saw Mr. Mousie dart under it. We din't let him get far befur we recaptured him and returned to thuh living room while mom returned, shaking, to her bed. After that, we din't tell mom whut happened. She din't seem to deal well wif it when we tried to share. But she's nevfur seen hide nor hair of thuh mousie since then (nor tayle, either). And we're not saying. Sure was a funfun night, though!



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