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  My Story

Before I moved into thuh In, I lived on a porch on the second floor of an old building. Thuh downstairs was a doctor's office and thuh upstairs was an apartment building. My mamakitty found a nice hoomin living in one of thuh apartments who fed her and put boxes and blankets out to help her find shelter in thuh winter. My two sisfurs, Sadie and Maxine, and I were born in July 1997 on the roof of that building. Thuh second floor apartments weren't as big as thuh first floor so thuh roof was sort of like an extension to thuh porch for thuh apartments. Anyway, we were born there on thuh roof, and grew up under thuh trumpet vine that had grown up from thuh ground and reached thuh roof where it flourished. It was nice and cool and safe under thuh vine and we had a grate time. But then one day, our mamakitty thought we needed to learn to make it on our own, so she went walkabout. We din't know if we'd ever see her again or not, but life went on for us and soon it became winter. Thuh hoomin who fed us, Aunti Rhonda, and my mom began to worry about us inna Out in thuh cold so they set about finding us each our own OneTrooHome. Maxine moved in with Aunti Rhonda. Sadie moved in with a friend of my mom's and Aunti Rhonda's and I, of course, moved in with mom and Maxwell and Callie and Dexter (RB).


  My Family


Dolly, Chloe's Momcat   This is my mamakitty, Dolly. She did return from going walkabout, but we don't know where she is now. See the rest of her story with Bubba's. You can see thuh trumpet vine we lived beneath in the background, past thuh fence.


This is my sisfur, Maxine. If I ever get a better picture so you can see more of her, I'll add it here, too. She's happy in her OneTrooHome, too although she, like me, is sorta nervous around hoomins. Mom says it's because we spent the first six months of our lives living in thuh Out.   Maxine


Sadie   This is my other sisfur, Sadie. She has a goodgood home inna In, too. Her favorite games are Hide'nAmbush and StealthuhSocks. She has a little girl hoomin to play with, too and a baby boy hoomin to help take care of.


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