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Welcome to Duncan's Fine Dining

  Welcome to Duncan's Fine Dining

Duncan, the owner and chef Hello. Welcome to my restaurant where we offer all sorts of culinary delights for the discerning feline palate! Let me show you to a table and a waiter will be with you shortly. If you would like to take a few moments to peruse the menu, please feel free. There's a small but nice wine selection listed on the back.

We've recently remodeled and hope you enjoy the facelift! Our menus have been carefully reviewed and improved, as well, in the hopes of providing our customers with the finest of feline dining experiences.

Don't forget! This is all in fun. No actual food is available or provided. When you submit your "order", an email is sent letting us know you visited us today but nothing else occurs. Your email address is not stored or used in any way. Please have fun and enjoy the dining experience.

Catnip   Garlic Cloves

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