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  Jack's Story

Hi Hi Hi!!!! My name's Jackson! But yoo can call me Jack. I'm the newest member of thuh house and I'm having a wonderful time! I was born somewhere around thuh furrst of May or last of April 2002 in thuh Out best as I can rememfur. But one day (May 30), I decided to go onna big adventure! I climbed up in a really kewl looking spot for a short nappie and next thing I knew I was going for a ride! It was noisy and scary and I had to hold on really really tight! After the big noisy thing (my new hoomin mom says it's a car and that I hitched a ride in the engine) stopped, I stayed in my little hidey hole cause yoo never know what mean nasty things are waiting for yoo, yoo know. After awhile, though, I was getting tired and hungry and scared, so I started yelling for my mommy. But she never came for me. I heard a noise, though, so I shut up. I could hear something looking around and making noise and stuff but I didn't dare give away mine hideyhole so I stayed quietquiet. The noise and the big something went away. But after awhile, I decided to try to call for my mommy again. I mewed and mewed and mewed. And the door opened and the noise started again. So I shut up again. But this time, the thing (I found out later it was a new mommy) kept looking and shone a light on me and pulled me out of my hideyhole. Wait...let me let my mommy tell it from her purrspective....I think she does a better job.

Out From Under the CarIt was a Thursday evening. I had gone to the cell phone store after work and was there for about an hour. I still don't know if young Jack hitched his ride at my place of employment or at the cell phone store. In any case, I discovered at the cell phone store that my cell phone plan was messed up, so I was given a number to call later that evening and advised not to call till about 8:00 or so due to the volume of calls they receive. I drove home and parked in the garage as usual. Around 8:00 or so, I went to the front of the house (nearer the garage) to use my cellphone to call the company about my messed up plan. (My landline was down due to a recent storm.) As I started to dial, I heard the sounds of a baby animal somewhere nearby. I finally decided it was from the garage so I opened the door to check it out. But the sounds stopped. I looked all around, even under the car, but didn't see anything. I went back in and tried to place my call. The wait times on the call were still too long so I waited till later to try again. About 9:00, I tried again and during my call, I began to hear the baby again. After concluding my call, I went back to the garage and again, when I opened the door, the noise stopped. This time, however, I conducted a more thorough search, using flashlights. I looked under the car from the front, rather than the side, and this time I saw a little orange fuzzy tail and leg hanging down. I had no idea how I was going to rescue this tiny kitten and I knew there was no way I was going to be able to slide under the car to get to him. Finally, I popped the hood on the car and shone the light down on Jack from above. Fortunately, he was located in a spot where I could just reach down and pluck him right up! I retrieved him from the car engine and carried him inside to check him out. He had some dirty smudges on his face, but was otherwise totally unharmed! I figured any kitty who worked so hard to find his way into my home deserved to stay there, so I never really gave any thought to finding another home for this beautiful little orange boy kitten. He's mine! -- Melanie

Okay, I'm back now! Anyway, I was furry scared when I first moved into the In with this strange new hoomin. And she locked me inna baffroom! Can you believe that?! And the furry next day, she hauled me off to see TED (Thuh Evil Doctor, aka veterinarian)! He said I was 5 weeks old! I weighed about a pound! Mom gave me Fancy Feetz (okay, so some of yoo prolly call it Fancy Feast) and that was goodgood! But she tried to give me crunchy food, too, and I tried and tried but I couldn't eat it. So mom got me some kitten milk (sslurrpp!) and she ground up some of the crunchies and mixed it up with the milk and I had cereal! The cereal was good stuff! It must've done thuh job cuz now, a year later, I weight almost 11 poundz! <puffs chest out proudly>

Mom tried to keep me inna baffroom while she wasn't here because she was worried about me being so small and she didn't want me to meet Mr. Maxwell quite yet. But I was scared in there all by mineself and I wouldn't eat or play or use thuh litterbox. After a few days, mom gave in and let me out. Yay! She says we'll deal with any ramifi... compli...uh....problems if and when they happen. She knows this isn't the best way to do things, but she says she couldn't let me starve. Anyway, I'm having lots of fun in my new home! I have kitties to play with and nap with and lots of food to eat and a hoomin mommy who loves me! All in all, life is good!


  Early Pics of Me
Jackson - side view   Jackson dives into the Shoe

Oh yeah, about my tail....that's just the way it came. It didn't get chopped off in the car engine. It's just short. TED said it was malformed but that it shouldn't cause me any troubles at all.



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