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Breeds (47) new

  Other Websites

Cat Fanciers (6) new
Are you a cat lover? Are you part of the "cat fancy"? Then visit these cat fancier websites, whether official or unofficial, where cats, cat photos, cat stories, and more abound.

Cat Lovers Corner (50) new

  Arts and Crafts

Fun For Felines (14)
Websites focusing on feline friendly cat humor

Graphics (12)
Web graphics websites featuring cats, cat art, cat icons, cat photos, etc

Health (140) new

  Behavior Problems
  Bowel and Bladder
  Chronic Renal Failure
  Drugs and Medicines
  Eye Disorders
  Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
  Feline Infectious Peritonitis
  Feline Leukemia
  Hip Dysplasia
  Liver Disease
  Other Infectious Diseases
  Parasitic Diseases and Parasites
  Upper Respiratory Infections
  Vaccines and Vaccine Associated Sarcomas

Magazines and Ezines (7)
Visit online or get your magazine subscription to cat and cat fancy magazines.

Mailing Lists (15)

  Cat Lists
  Dog Lists
  Health Related
  Lists of Lists

Miscellaneous (32) new
Websites about cats and kittens, cat photos, cat stories, photo contests, online postcards, or other miscellaneous cat related information.

Petstores (30) new

  Just for Cats
  Vet Supply

Purrsonal Pages (61)

  Other Furs
  Rainbow Bridge

Rescue and Shelters (9) new
Websites about pet rescue, animal rescue, and pet shelters.

Resource Sites (19) new

Webrings (11) new

  General Pets
  Other Furs
  Rainbow Bridge

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